Diabetes is the most common endocrine problem, It occurs due to deficiency of the key metabolic hormone ‘Insulin’.
  Thyroid gland is situated in the neck and secretes two hormones T3 and T4. These hormones are crucial for the function of every body organ.
  Physical growth is a complex process that occurs through synergistic actions of many hormones including growth hormone, thyroid hormone,
  Diabetes & Obesity
  Thyroid & Goitre
  Height Disorders in Children
  Disorders of Sexual Maturation
  Menstrual Irregularity & Facial hair
  Infertility & Sexual Disorders
  Repeated Kidney Stones
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Did You Know That...

Television viewing more than 2 hours daily, increases the risk of developing Diabetes.


Shift duties esp night duties increase the risk of developing Diabetes and Heart diseases.


During pregnancy,even minor degrees of uncontrolled thyroid disease, impairs the brain develpment of the fetus leading to lower IQ levels. 


Other Hormones
Bone disorders
Bones are formed of bone protein and calcium. Vitamin D is a hormone that is essential for absorption and retention of calcium in the body. Blood calcium levels are very finely regulated by parathyroid, calcitonin and Vitamin D hormones. Various bone disorders are:-
1. Rickets - Deficiency of Calcium in childhood leads to stunted growth and curved and painful bones, a condition known as rickets. Calcium deficiency may occur because of poor dietary intake or abnormalities in the Vitamin D activation.
2. Osteoporosis - is the condition where the bones become fragile and porous, leading to easy fractures. It is usually seen in women after menopause because of hormonal deficiency. Osteoporosis also occurs with certain medicines eg steroids, improperly treated thyroid disorder, deficiency of sex hormones, etc.
Kidney stones
If the body is unable to retain the calcium in the bones, excessive amounts pass in the urine where they form kidney stones. Abnormalities of the hormones that regulate the blood calcium levels, leads to repeated kidney stone formation on one hand, and weakening and fractures of bones on the other.
Pituitary gland
It is the master gland that controls all the other glands of the body. It is situated in the brain below the optic nerves. Excessive or deficient hormone production by Pituitary severely affects the corresponding gland function. Pituitary is a common site for tumour formation, which according to the hormone involved may give the symptom of -
1. Passage of breast milk in non nursing women (Prolactinoma).
2. Vision loss because of the compression the optic nerves.
3. Decreased sexual desire in male.
4. Abnormal enlargement of hands, feet and nose (acromegaly).
Blood pressure
Blood pressure is regulated by several hormones in the body, that also regulate the amount of body sodium, water and the blood vessel wall rigidity. Certain tumors of the adrenal and pituitary gland lead to very high and uncontrolled blood pressure.
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