Diabetes is the most common endocrine problem, It occurs due to deficiency of the key metabolic hormone ‘Insulin’.
  Thyroid gland is situated in the neck and secretes two hormones T3 and T4. These hormones are crucial for the function of every body organ.
  Physical growth is a complex process that occurs through synergistic actions of many hormones including growth hormone, thyroid hormone,
  Diabetes & Obesity
  Thyroid & Goitre
  Height Disorders in Children
  Disorders of Sexual Maturation
  Menstrual Irregularity & Facial hair
  Infertility & Sexual Disorders
  Repeated Kidney Stones
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Did You Know That...

Television viewing more than 2 hours daily, increases the risk of developing Diabetes.


Shift duties esp night duties increase the risk of developing Diabetes and Heart diseases.


During pregnancy,even minor degrees of uncontrolled thyroid disease, impairs the brain develpment of the fetus leading to lower IQ levels. 


Increase in height is determined by several hormonal, nutritional and environmental factors. Identification of the abnormality at an early stage prevents a life long stigma of short stature.
Sexual maturation
The transition from childhood to adult body structure and functions is the consequence of a very fine and delicate hormonal mileu. The various abnormalities in this process may lead to -
1. Absense of body maturation according to age
2. Abnormal body maturation eg development of breasts in males (Gynaecomastia), enlargement of body parts in girls on a male pattern (Clitoromegaly), etc.
Facial hair in women
Hormonal imbalance leads to an increase in male hormones in women, which leads to development of beard and moustache like hair on face.
Menstrual irregularity
Regular monthly menses in women are regulated by a set of hormones. Any disturbance in the menstrual pattern usually signifies some hormonal isturbance within.
The ability to concieve requires proper development of egg in the women, its fertilization, implantation in the uterus and growth of the fetus. Any hormonal disbalance at any stage leads to either failure to concieve, abortion or abnormality in the baby.
Hair loss
The growth and maintenance of hair is dependant on nutritional, environmental and hormonal factors. Any disturbance in either of these may lead to permanent hair loss.
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