Diabetes is the most common endocrine problem, It occurs due to deficiency of the key metabolic hormone ‘Insulin’.
  Thyroid gland is situated in the neck and secretes two hormones T3 and T4. These hormones are crucial for the function of every body organ.
  Physical growth is a complex process that occurs through synergistic actions of many hormones including growth hormone, thyroid hormone,
  Diabetes & Obesity
  Thyroid & Goitre
  Height Disorders in Children
  Disorders of Sexual Maturation
  Menstrual Irregularity & Facial hair
  Infertility & Sexual Disorders
  Repeated Kidney Stones
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Did You Know That...

Television viewing more than 2 hours daily, increases the risk of developing Diabetes.


Shift duties esp night duties increase the risk of developing Diabetes and Heart diseases.


During pregnancy,even minor degrees of uncontrolled thyroid disease, impairs the brain develpment of the fetus leading to lower IQ levels. 


What is Diabetes?
Diabetes is the condition where the body is unable to utilize the sugar in the blood for energy production.
Why does it occur?
We require the hormone Insulin to enable the body cells to extract and use the blood sugar. Deficient production of Insulin by the body is the main reason for Diabetes.
Uncontrolled and neglcted diabetes erodes the body from within. High blood sugar acts as poison for the various body organs. The body organs most commonly affected are--
Eyes - Diabetes affects the Retina or the nerve layer of the eyes, leading to blindness. LASER treatment is done to slow down the damage, but the damage cannot be reversed.
Kidneys - Uncontrolled Diabetes is responsible for 90% cases of Kidney failures. Again, once affected, the damage to the kidneys is irreversible.
Nerves - Nerves all over the body are affected, leading to burning sensation in feets & numbness. As the foot sensations are permanently lost, the develops ulcers and gangrene.
Heart attack & Stroke - Diabetes damages the blood vessel wall lining, leading to incresed cholesterol deposition and blockage. Blockages in heart vessels leads to Heart attack, while in brain, it leads to paralysis of the concerned body part.
All these complications can be avoided by simply taking better care of the blood sugars.
Diet - There is no common prescribed diet for all Diabetic patients, the advise has to be individualized. Common guidelines are:- Avoid refined sugars, such as sugar, juices,soft drinks, etc. Calorie content is to be adjusted so as to maintain the ideal body weight. High fibre diet is recommended.
Medicines - Medicines work in the body by increasing the insulin production and by increasing the efficacy of the insulin. Medicines have to be individualized based on the patient profile.
Some of the previous medicines have recently been banned and pulled out of market based on safety concerns, though many of these are still available in suburban areas and being misused.
Insulin - It is the safest of the diabetic medicines. Because of the need for it to be injected, it is usually not preferred by the patients. Many false myths have been created against insulin by those who are ignorant and not confident of advising it.Insulin, being safest, is the only medicine approved for use during pregnancy. Diet and exercise benefit and improve the outcomes in pregnancy also.
Pregnancy - Diabetes developing during pregnancy needs special care as high sugar level carries risk for the baby and the mother. In the baby, uncontrolled blood sugar increases the risk of congenital malformation of body organs, esp. kidney & spinal cord and impairs lung maturation.
In the mother, the risk of Caeserian surgery are increased, and still births or birth injuries increase.These mothers carry a very high risk of future development of Diabetes.
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